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How do I sell my clothes?

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Step 1 Order your PataBag
Order your PataBag
  • Order a pre-labelled PataBag that you will receive in the post
Step 2 Sort your clothes
Sort your clothes
Carefully sort your women's and/or children's clothing (clean and ironed) by respecting:
- Our purchase conditions

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Step 3 Post Office Drop
Post Office Drop
Drop off your PataBag free of charge at your nearest post office.
Step 4 Earn money
Earn money
On receipt of your PataBag at our premises, your clothes will be quality checked to our high standards.
Items that comply with all purchase conditions will be redeemed by Paypal or voucher.
Refused items can be returned to you (£7.90 return fee) or the value of these items is donated to our partner charity.
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